South African artist, Liebet Jooste, spontaneously creates characters, plants and things within a wonderfully strange landscape. Through the juxtaposition of detail and simplicity, bright colours and monochrome, she brings to life a world where imaginations, both young and old, can wander freely. Jooste's passion for the ocean and the fauna & flora of South Africa, her love of gardening and keen observation of her pets, are what inspire her work.

Born in Pretoria in 1983, Jooste grew up there and obtained a BA Fine Arts degree from the University of Pretoria in 2006. The following year she was a finalist in the ABSA L'Atelier, in 2008 part of the International Triennale of Contemporary Art in Prague and in 2012 she was the illustrator on Karen Zoid's album, Zoid Afrika.

September 2015 brought great excitement when Jooste published her first colouring book, The Colouring Book by LiebetThe book was featured in The South African ArtistWeg! and the Go magazines. It was also named one of Visi magazine's 'Picks of the Week' in December of that year.  Liebetland: A Colouring Book is her latest colouring book and it was published in May 2017.

After living in Pretoria for 34 years and spending most sea holidays in Betty's Bay in the Western Cape, Jooste relocated there in December 2017.