Jack, Jack’s Jacket, Digger and the Eight Pocket Worms, 2016

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Jack, Jack's Jacket, Digger and the Eight Pocket Worms, 2016

Pen & ink and pencil on 200gsm medium tooth paper.

14.8cm x 20.9cm (A5)


Jack's jacket is home to swurmy wormies that pop in and out of its pockets. Not one or two pockets like one would normally find on a jacket. Not three or four, or even five like those jackets that have many pockets. No, there are eight pockets, each containing a worm.
You see, the thing with Jack is he loves planting things in soil and therefore he comes across many earthworms. From time to time he meets one that he has a real connection with. One that he can talk to about things. These worms don't talk back in words but they sure can listen and give a response: They stare at Jack with their googly eyes as though there is something really urgent and true in what he says.
Jack has one other friend. This friend doesn't live in his pockets. This friend lives on four legs and is a keen gardener himself. Or, rather he is a keen digger! In fact he is such a keen digger that his name is Digger. Now an interesting thing about Digger is he never digs with his paws for he cannot stand dirty paws. Instead, he only digs with his snout and what a digable snout it is. Jack on the other hand digs with both.

Well, there you have it: Jack, Jack's jacket, Digger and the eight pocket worms.